Pretty please help me to get to California?

For those who don’t know, I’m a poolee (poolee means I am in the waiting “pool” to go to boot camp) in the United States Marine Corps, and my boyfriend is a Private First Class in the Marines as well (That’s literally the nicest picture we have together). Coming up in November is the USMC Birthday Ball, and I have an opportunity to attend, which is something not very many poolees get to do, and an opportunity to see my Ducky, which is something that generally doesn’t happen very often because even before he joined the Marines, he lived in a different state.

The problem is, I don’t have much money. I have to raise over 800 dollars for the trip alone, nevermind the dress and shoes and hair and spending money, and have recently taken a cut in work hours due to differences with management and a minor injury, and my mother has decided that she doesn’t particularly approve of the trip because I can’t be readily assisted by my boyfriend, who has his own financial obligations.

So, I’m taking preorders on this scarf :D 

I don’t have the listing set on Etsy just yet (the shop was revamped and hasn’t been finished just yet), thus why I’m referring to them as a preorder.

These scarves are knitted with Red Heart yarn, are available in any color or color combination you’d like (color options listed here), are about 5 ft long, but can be made longer or shorter at your request. I will not, however, make scarves longer that about 7ft, because it becomes time consuming, there may be orders behind you that need to be completed, and I have to sleep and study sometime.


Solid (one color): $13

Solid, one stripe (as pictured): $14.

Additional stripes: $2 per stripe color for the first three additional stripes, then $3 for any additional stripe colors.

Shipping: $3 domestic, $10 international (including Canada and Mexico)

So if you get a scarf like the one in the picture (solid, one stripe), and then four additional stripe colors shipped to Florida, it’s going to be $26 USD:

$14 for the base

$6 for the first three additional stripe colors

$3 for the last color

$3 for shipping.

If you get a scarf like the one in the above example shipped to Canada or Great Britain, it’s going to be $33 USD, including the $10 for shipping.

Orders and Payment:

Please message me privately to set up orders. Note: This is a sideblog, and you will end up corresponding with my main, SerafinaCastaway (ScarefinaCastaway in October). If you message me anonymously, I may not be able to work with you. You must be comfortable with giving me your address and either your real name or an alias to put on the shipping label.

Once payment is recieved, I will begin work. Please understand that I am a student, I work on the weekends, and I have physical training with the Marines twice a week, and allow me two to three weeks for completion and shipping, although I will attempt to go faster and time spent varies with scarf length. If your scarf will take longer, I will inform you through a message. If I am unable to complete your scarf (which I do not forsee), I will gladly refund your money with my apologies.

I do have a limit, and if you message me after I close orders down for a bit, I will put you on a list to receive one as soon as possible if you desire, and this fundraiser (for lack of a better word) ends Wednesday, November 4th at midnight, and I will not accept any more orders through tumblr after that date.

If you don’t want or can’t afford a scarf but still want to help, you can also donate here, or simply signal boost this.

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